Watch Episode 1 of our REALiTV series and WIN

We just got done filming our first #LifeThroughBVGs commercial campaign. Everyone had a great time. Our focus is to capture life just as it happens. So in the #LifeThroughBVGs series the cast and crew will be people just like you doing what you do. This is the essence of the BVGiWear brand.

BTS (behind the scenes) action footage of Lisa, one of our ambassador actresses during the filming of #LifeThroughBVGs. She’s being escorted by our stuntman Bill F. who took good care of her.

The commercial was shot in the middle of July 2018 to coincide with the brand’s September launch campaign. We had two scenes to shoot on location and it was a blazing 102 degrees. The camera crew, stunt team and actors were ready to roll at 2:30 pm in the middle of July. The two shots took almost 2.5 hours.

By the time we called a wrap on this scene everyone was exhausted but as they say, the show must go on. Everyone jumped in the car and raced back to our main location where the cast and crew continued to shoot for several hours.

Nathalie and Mila, two of our BVG Ambassadors just in between takes. obviously they were deep in introspection about life. or maybe they were just really hungry. take a look around the room and you’ll catch glimpses of tomorrow’s future leaders. from young to old, cast to crew, it was a stellar bunch.

our director giving lisa’s motivation for the shot. you’ll have to watch the series and see if you can figure out what the story line is.

cheating the shot. Nathalie wasn't tall enough for the spike
close up of the BVG glasses in gift box
Nathalie and Mila finding their motivation during a break
Still photographer, Ricardo capturing the perfect shot
first shot of the day with Lisa and Nathalie in foreground
rehearsing drive by timing with actor Craig.
capturing the perfect moment
going over our drone shot and trying to stay cool in 110 degrees