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Compensation - Task List

We are honored to have ambassadors, influencers and creative people like you who want to be a part of what we are doing. This is not just about making money. Of course, without m oney it would be impossible to improve specialized medical training for veterans or help with treatment. But this is about supporting the hero in all of us. This is a life choice to do something bigger than any one of us can do on our own. BVG’s Ambassador ARMY is the backbone to making the difference. We want to reward your support by empowering each of you to follow your dream, your journey, and your #LifeThroughBVGs.

With your help, BVGiWear donates 50% of all profits to Veterans of Valor. The money goes directly to partner programs like The Betty Ford Foundation to develop specialized training to better treat veterans’ medical conditions and addictions. BVGiWear The Sunglass Company is a new higher, midrange quality sunglass brand. We sell superior PFA1™ polyamide, polarized sunglasses. You’d be surprised how many brands can’t even say that.


Influencer Selection is based on specific criteria, but we primarily look for quality lifestyle-type content and authentic interaction with followers, fans, readers, viewers, etc. Below is a list of requirements and compensation for all Affiliate BVGiWear Ambassadors. Once an affiliate has completed step 4, he or she is eligible to be inducted into the Ambassador ARMY. As an ambassador you will receive your vanity code and permanent 40% off retail pricing for friends and family. Your vanity code ensures you are paid 25% of every sale each time your code is used. The following is a short list of steps and requirements as well as compensation. We look forward to welcoming you to the family.



  1. Cash payouts (contests, events, photo shoots, etc.)
  2. Product shopping spree ($700 in 2 installments)
  3. Shopping Spree for a friend (up to $300 after step 4)
  4. Friends and Family discount (40% off retail after step 4)
  5. Vanity code (after step 4)
  6. 6. 25% of every sale where your vanity code is used (approx. $50 per sale)
  7. Special Ambassador gift from BVG
  8. Invitation to be a part of #LifeThroughBVGs REALiTV series
  9. Invitation into BVG Ambassador’s ARMY influencers What’s App group
  10. Involvement in private events, partner offers, discounts and free product



STEP 1. We will send you a code to shop for your first pair of BVGiWear Sunglasses


To receive your 1st shopping spree ($350) you must complete the following:

  1. Follow uson InstagramTwitter, YouTube, & Facebook
  2. Like, comment, & tag 3 friends on our most recent Instagram post

            - Tag friends who would like to win a shopping spree from you

  1. Message us letting us know you have completed step 1
  2. We will send your online shopping spree code for $350 so you can shop.



  1. Create a personal video - with your new glasses
  2. a. Open box/delivery video - see video below of Will Roberts receiving his BVGs in the mail
  3. b. Living your life in BVGs - snap some pics or create a fun video showing your #LifeThroughBVGs
  4. c. Share something about your new BVGiWear - frames, design, how things look, etc.
  5. Post video to two (2) social media channels, blog, etc. (include a story or info about the brand)

 - Tag @BVGiWear

 - Include hashtags - #LifeThroughBVGs | #TheSunglassCompany | #SupportForVeterans



Go to, find your sunglasses, and write your own review.



  1. Comment & tag a friend (on our latest Insta post) and they win a $150 shopping spree
  2. Include 1 BVG highlight moment on your Instagram profile for 30 days (video)
  3. Post 3 pics with you and your BVGs to your Instagram (over 2 weeks - include our hashtags)
  4. You are now eligible to become one of BVG’s elite - Ambassador ARMY



  1. Cannot represent, accept compensation from or be sponsored by another sunglass brand
  2. Ambassador should use discretion in maintaining a social presence on and off line that positively represents the brand. We want you to be you but if your actions negatively represent the brand, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement (this includes 25% of every sale and discounts)
  3. Ambassadors are required to maintain a minimum of 2 posts per week (tag us and use hashtags)
  4. Ambassador should create and post 1 video per month (saved to highlights for min. 1 week)
  5. Turn on Instagram alerts for @BVGiWear stories and posts
  6. Follow, like, comment on BVG content as you feel is appropriate (approx. 3 posts a week)



  1. Cash payouts (contests, events, photo shoots, etc.)
  2. Shopping spree (balance $350 - 2nd installment)
  3. Shopping spree for a friend or friends (up to $300)
  4. Friends and Family discount (40% off retail)
  5. Vanity code sent to ambassador
  6. 25% (approx. $50 per sale) of every sale when vanity code is used
  7. Special Ambassador gift from BVG
  8. Invitation to be a part of #LifeThroughBVGs REALiTV series
  9. Invitation to BVG’s Ambassador ARMY What’s App group
  10. Involvement in private events, partner offers, discounts and free product
  11. Additional shopping sprees will continue monthly (minimum of $250 per month)
  12. Additional points can be secured for prizes, cash, and product
  13. BVGiWear will be introducing our signature series allowing some ambassadors the chance to help design their own pair of glasses and receive royalties from the sale of the glasses