Sure, selling quality sunglasses is a great place to start but with BVG’s Partner Program we work together to help you and your team sell our glasses.

Our partnership program is designed to help increase sell-through for our retail partners which helps us, and in turn, helps support the hero’s journey.

Our ad campaign includes a robust ad set which you will have access to and we tie you into our social media campaign as well with your personal hashtags and links back to your digital profile.

Partner Program Includes:

  1. 25 Black Cards – Incentivize customers or your sales team (online purchase)
  2. Sales Buttons – 25 Buttons for each store “Let’s talk about #LifeThroughBVGs.”
  3. BVG retail display case
  4. POP signage
  5. Social media campaign –
    1. Retailer will receive one social media post per week
    2. BVG will include your links on posts made through our social media
    3. Ambassadors will comment, like and share retailer info
  6. Ad slicks – online ads and video content available to share digitally
  7. Ambassador Program – Invite ambassadors to visit and promote your store
    1. We offer live photo shoots
    2. Meet the BVG Ambassador Army
    3. Bring out the BVG Volkswagen Van (coming soon)