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Interview by: Kaitlyn Dreyer | BVG News Media Correspondent

Recently, BVG had the opportunity to sit down with The Vista Kicks in their LA recording studio to hang out and have a wildly entertaining interview with band members Nolan, Trevor, Sam and Derek.

Originally from Sacramento, the guys got together to form The Vista Kicks and in 2016, released their debut album, Chasing Waves. Since then, they’ve managed to release two more albums, their latest being Twenty Something Nightmare in 2018. They’ve been on multiple tours, including a UK tour opening for The Kooks which gained them notoriety with the locals for their Beatles-like style. And of course their fans love to twist & shout but with a whole new style of booty shaking.

“Sam had to make a tough decision – stay in school or drop out and follow his dream of making music…”

I first met Sam Plecker, VK’s guitarist, in 2014 while attending Chico State. Sam had to make a tough decision – stay in school or drop out and follow his dream of making music with his best friends. Of course, asking a 19 year old whether he should stay in school or hit the road with his band mates may not be protocol on appropriate advice council for life decision, but hey, it seems like things worked out in the end.

“Once the guys got on stage and started playing it was clear they had it.”

My first Vista Kicks show, had only a handful of fans in the crowd, however, once the guys got on stage and started playing it was clear they had “it.” Whatever “it” was. Here we are five years later, and every show I’ve had the pleasure to attended is sold out. The crowds are enthusiastic and wild, never taking a break from dancing and singing along. It was only a few years ago, the band was virtually unknown, and now there’s girls screaming for the guys from the crowd, literally losing their minds. It’s so crazy. Who would have thought my friend Sam would be a rockstar! Checkout my interview.”

For Vista Kicks tour dates, merchandise and other news, head to the Vista Kicks website for everything Visa Kicks. Make sure to follow The Vista Kicks on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.  

Special thanks to The Vista Kicks for having us and for supporting the hero’s journey. To learn about the hero’s journey or help make a difference in veterans’ lives, check out BVGiWear and cop some stellar shades. 50% of profits go to the Veterans Of Valor Foundation.

You wanna know why so many people love The Vista Kicks… Here’s their head turning music video, titled “Live, You’re Gonna Die.” And yes, as they ran naked in the sand it is rumored they were all protected by BVG’s Superior PFA1™ polarized technology.

Filmed by: Kendal Ramos

Edited by: Hayden Spriggs

3 thoughts on “VistaKicks

  1. Ryan C Fugate says:

    Nice to see them teaming up with such an awesome sunglasses company! Just heard of these guys a couple weeks ago, but their “if I didn’t have you song” is awesome!! Love the pairing!! (No pun intended ;))

  2. Sunny BVG says:

    I totally agree, I love these guys. Ryan did you check out their new music video? They remind me of the Beatles.

  3. Matthew Vu says:

    Love the glasses Trevor is wearing! Saw them perform and met all of them 2 nights ago in Denton! They brought the house down! Big time fan of BOOTY SHAKIN ROCK AND ROLL.

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