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Watch & Win

This REALiTV series is an ongoing story of #LifeThroughBVGs! The story is probably no different than yours only this one is told & shared by our BVG Ambassadors.

The full story is ongoing but how it ends is yet to be revealed. If you guess the outcome before we reveal, you can win some cool stuff.

The story line and script are sealed but if we like your story we will rewrite the ending. That’s how life works. We can always change the ending.

TO WIN: (January 14, 2019 is the final day)

Contest complete – winners selected on Jan 15th 2019

All final comments  (on January 14th) must be posted  here (in comment section below) Tell us what you think is going on in the story or give us your idea how the story ends. Be creative but not vulgar. Your answer can win one of the following gifts… *Remember to follow us and  tag 3 friends on today’s Instagram post .

1. $500 BVG BLACK Card shopping spree (4 winners)
2. A pair of BVG sunglasses (10 winners)
3. Invitation to be part of the REALiTV series (winners TBD)
4. Gifts from BVGs grab bag (mugs, Ts, tumblers and more)
5. BONUS – Tag a friend who could use a pair of premium BVG sunglasses and you both could win a shopping spree of $250 each.

Click to go behind the scenes
Every pair you rock helps support The BG Veterans of Valor Foundation. The majority of our proceeds will go to supporting treatment of Veterans in need as well as to support addiction research and training…

“Finish the Story” contest winners for season 1 of #LifeThroughBVGs will be announced January 16, 2019-Good luck!

*Eligibility –  All answers must be posted in comment box below by 11:59 am January 14, 2019. Winners will be announced on January 16, 2019.  Past BVG contest  winners are not eligible  to win this or any contest if you have won in the last 6 months.  Be sure to follow us on  Instagram, like our January 14th post and tag 3 friends. Contest cannot be combined with any other offers.

Thanks for all the support. See you in the movies.


BVGiWear The Sunglass Company only offers superior polyamide PFA1™ polarized lenses to protect your eyes from glare, UVB and UVA light. Our sunglasses also come with a standard 2 year warranty and an easy return policy.

Our lenses combine the advantages of polycarbonate’s ultra-high impact resistance, with CR-39’s glass-like high clarity. Our nylon lenses are extremely lightweight, and at the same time, so durable they won’t crack when drilled, making our lenses perfect for most any frame design. Both founders have pledged to give the majority of our proceeds will go to supporting treatment of Veterans in need as well as to support addiction research and training…

Shout out to our friend Phil Stoodley
Thank you for rockin this music

Music by: Redlight
Written by P. Stoodley / D. Philips / Z. Greig
Published by Songbroker
Performed by Stoods

10 thoughts on “Watch & Win

  1. Hilary Van Orden says:

    I love your mission to support our veterans!! Mental health and treatment is so important! Thank you for all that you do!!

  2. Ren says:

    I know Lisa. Lisa this is awesome girl 🙂

    1. Sammy says:

      She’s hot!

  3. Scott says:

    This is Sick! Sign me up!

  4. Tony S says:

    What a great story behind BVG. As a veteran myself, this hits home. Thank you. Love the glasses.

  5. Jose says:

    I think it should end with all 6 cast members going to to Mexico on vacation.

  6. Bryan Masters says:

    What a great story!!!

  7. JillAdans says:

    I think it should end with all of the cast members piling into the car and driving down the highway and every time they see a car broken down or pulled over they stop and give them a pair of sunglasses, and everyone’s day gets brighter because of BVGiWear😎

  8. Hannah Robinson says:

    The beginning of the video starts with the main actress feeling down/sad/disappointed (as seen in the txt messages). After she is gifted with her BVGiWear, she smiles, and seems to be a lot more pumped on life. I think the ending should show another text thread of her expressing something along the lines of: “feeling a lot more excited about life.. I guess it’s true what they say ~ life is a lot more vivid and beautiful through BVGiWear.. sometimes all you need is a new perspective!” 👓

  9. DENISE R REASON says:

    This video held my attention. I like the way that the main actress comes alive at the end of the video once she receives the gift from her friend – new pair of BVG 🙂 Makes her feel like she is beautiful and full of life! Not the person that is down and depressed.
    I am very impressed on how this company supports our veterans. We need more like you!!:)

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